There is a huge variety of haircuts for boys of different ages, depending on the type, structure, and color of hair, on the shape of the face. Choosing fashionable haircuts for boys, it is necessary to take into account not only current trends but also the individual parameters and appearance of your child.


Fohawk looks stylish and impressive, and all thanks to quite long hair. When performing haircuts for boys, Fohawk master does not significantly affect the length on the top and back of the head, combining it with shortened temples. Bangs in Fohawk can be both long and short-at will. We would like to note that the super fashionable haircut for boys Fohawk is excellent for smooth and curly hair, allowing you to emphasize their beauty.

Cascade haircut

They will emphasize the appearance and beauty of the child’s hairstyle.Thin hair should make volume or, on the contrary, achieve the shortest possible length. It can be a half-box, a box, a hedgehog. A fashionable image with a short haircut hides flaws.A boy with curly curls is best suited for a sports style in the form of boxing or semi-boxing, but a mohawk will emphasize the individuality of the boy.

Scissors Hair Cut

A short variation of a haircut in a boyish view, which does not require special styling and a minimum of time for care. Tousled hair can be styled in different ways, and each of the variations will be perfectly displayed for boys at any age. An extraordinary and dynamic haircut for boys that wants to look stylish and concise – this is just a fashionable hedgehog.

Boxing and semi-boxing

Amazing haircuts for boys and adults called boxing and semi-boxing are mega-popular and no less spectacular. Long hair in the front and on the top of the head and shorter on the temples, allowing you to comb them back, sideways, obliquely, with a side parting and without. Suitable haircut box and semi-box for boys with any appearance, allowing you to open the forehead and, if desired, adjust the appearance.

Taper / Fade

Like adults, you can safely perform boyish haircuts undercut at a very young age. Mega stylish haircuts for boys in the form of an undercoat provide ultra-short hair on the temples and nape, at the same time long on the top of the head. Haircut undercut will allow you to make a great image of a real man from a young boy, giving the appearance dynamism and a certain audacity.