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Medium Skin Fade

A short haircut that concentrates volume on the crown and bangs. Above the forehead, the hair is textured. The temples and the back of the head are shaved or trimmed to 3-5 mm. When styling the crop, the bangs are combed forward, lifted, or smoothed over the forehead. Visually, the haircut resembles a shortened “pot”, depending on the chosen styling, it can be graphic or slightly disheveled.

High Skin Fade

“Fade” – a haircut in which the transition from long hair in the front of the head to the short back of the head is very smooth. In the classic version, the hair on the sides and back is simply shortened to 0.7-1 cm. It is also possible to shave the temporal and occipital regions, to preserve sufficiently long hair on the bangs (up to 20 cm or more). Fade goes well with parting, it can gradually turn into a beard.

Low Skin Fade

Short haircut in a sporty style, suitable for those who rarely use styling in their daily life. She has no restrictions on age, type, hair structure. At the temples and the back of the head, the haircut is made as short as possible, a 2.5 cm long area remains on top. To maintain the graphic appearance of the hairstyle, fixing it with varnish or gel is enough. The hair should be combed forward, directing it towards the forehead.

2 on top and 1 on the sides or Scissors on top and 1.5 on the sides

Classic haircuts in a sporty style never go out of style. Boxing, semi-boxing hairstyles are also included in this category, allowing you to vary the style and length of hair. The characteristic “toe” above the forehead lends itself well to structuring with gel, mousse, wax. It is optimal to perform such haircuts on straight, coarse hair, which can be tamed by a short length. Athletes who pay great attention to their image are especially fond of such hairstyles.

Scissors on top and 3.5 on the sides

Youth haircut, implying, when styling, setting the strands sticking out on the head in such a way that they resemble the needles of a hedgehog. The length of the hair on the temples, back of the head, and the crown remain approximately the same, they wear such a hairstyle in a straight position or with a side parting. It is suitable for very young men and boys with straight hair that lends itself well to styling.

Slick Back

A haircut that once again entered the top of the most popular options. This classic hairstyle involves creating a smooth transition from short temples to elongated strands at the crown.

The bangs play a huge role in the haircut and are usually laid to one side, combed back in the form of coca, or casually thrown over the forehead.
“British” looks elegant, suitable for use in a business, freestyle, is a favorite hairstyle of aristocrats and people of creative professions.

Comb Over

Fashionable haircut with ultra-short temples and a slight elongation at the back of the head. The hair on the crown and in the bangs reaches 10-15 cm. The “combover” is laid on one side, with an obligatory clear parting. Combing back strands is also allowed. A haircut is relevant for young men with well-groomed straight or slightly curly hair.

Scissors Hair Cut

A haircut that fits well on straight, thick hair. Styling the hair to the temporal region implies a separation with a clear parting.
For an asymmetrical bob, the shape of the face is very important – it suits the owners of the perfect oval.

Everyone else is better off choosing the asymmetrical shape of this haircut. Laying is allowed smooth or with slight negligence.

Fohawk Haircut

Haircut with medium length hair in the central part of the head, short sides. Mohawk implies styling with vertical strands in the form of thorns or combing them back. In addition, this haircut is often complemented by bright coloration, including multi-color. The sideburns can be completely shaved, decorated with drawings or lines. The mohawk is considered a youth hairstyle, but in a shortened version it may well be tried on by men over 40 years old.

Business Cuts

In any season, men’s business haircuts are very relevant. They look elegant and neat, suitable for many. This is because classics never go out of style. The main positive characteristics of this style are a small amount of time to leave, as well as minimal financial costs.

The combination of a short haircut and a stylish suit adds sophistication and uniqueness. The man looks well-groomed, neat. Such haircuts are suitable for any age. Given the fact that office workers are adherents of rigor, young active people can safely dilute their hairstyle with bright elements: coloring, highlighting, or patterns.

Crew Cut

Haircut “crew cut” – haircut “crew”. In English, the crew cut and the crew cut on a flat top were previously called a pompadour or short pompadour, as well as a brush cut, and have been worn since at least the mid-18th century. The style went under other names in other languages: in French – “coupe a la brass” “cut like a brush”; in German – “Bürstenschnitt”; in Russian – “Hedgehog”. A “short pompadour with a flat top” was considered the standard at the time, while a slightly more curved look at the top was proposed for wider foreheads and face shapes. The style with a flat top has acquired the name “Pompadour with a short top”, and the style with a more rounded top – “Pompadour with a round top”. Until the invention of electric clippers with a motor in the handle in 1921 and their subsequent marketing and widespread use, hairdressers considered the perfect short pompadour to be the most time-consuming style for haircuts.


Taper, or gradient, smooth transition — all these are synonyms of one hairstyle that gradually changes the length of your hair, descending from the top to the bottom of the head, bringing the haircut to zero in the neck and on the sides of the head.

The intensity of the transition can be different. You can have a very smooth transition (the hair on the back of the head will remain longer, and the bare areas of the neck or nape will not be visible) or a short one (the transition from the hair will quickly pass into the bare skin). The latter option is now called fade. In two words, the taper is the most classic version, from the sides and on the back of the head similar to a light half-box, but different from it in the style of the hairstyle on the top of the head.